The pure elephant sisters, that were far from each other for 53 years were finally reunited

The touching reunion moment. Poor elephants were freed after many years

It’s so heart touching, when a rescued elephant finally reunites with it’s family, after performing in an Indian circus.

Thanks to volunteers of the Wildlife organisation three elephants have lived in the circus for many years and now they are free. But it wasn’t an easy task, it took a lot of efforts and time to finally bring them to the sanctuary. While Mia arrived at the Elephant Conservation Care Centre Rea had to leave, and they would never see each other again.

After so many efforts the organisation workers were able to reunite Ray with his friends. The three elephants aged between 45 and 53 have become friends and their connection is unexplainable.

After a long journey, that took 1750 miles the three elephants were finally together. The meeting moment of the three friends was so heartbreaking, that made everyone cry. “Their natural behaviour was amazing and their greeting moment was so interesting”.

Now the three friends can live a free, happy life  and they will not be separated again.

You can watch their reunion video

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