This is Lotus, a massive and soft cat who is similar to a tiny lion

This creature has amassed thousands of cat-adoring followers.

When others meet Lotus, they couldn’t believe that it is not a feral cat.

“A lot of people consider him a mini lynx,” the cat’s owner, Lindstein, reported to the Dodo. “From time to time, other people consider him a tiny lion.”

Although he looks like both, with his long, flowing hair as well as massive paws, Lotus is much similar to your homebody. He is a Maine Coon, a breed of domestic kitty that can weigh over 20 pounds as an adult.

Lotus, surely, is no exception.

At the age of 3, Lotus weighs 22 pounds, and when he is completely stretched out on the couch, he is a real cat. Interestingly, Lotus is considered slightly above average. Some cats of this breed grow up to 30 pounds.

Taking into account Lotus’ massive size, his mother has to make some transformations in the house, especially in the bathroom. In place of the ordinary cat litter trays, Lotus uses an extra-big plastic reserve tray to go about his business. When having a trip, Lotus cannot fit in a cat carrier, so he travels in a big dog cage instead.

“Both people and even dogs commonly react when they first meet him,” Lindstein said. “A lot of people think he’s a dog at first… Happily, he’s very amiable with everyone.”

Differing from the majority of cats, Lotus is fond of wearing a harness for a walk.

According to the fact that he lives in Sweden, Lotus visits a number of wonderful locations with his family, which includes his Maine Coon sister named Marion.

From walking to just lounging on the grass in the garden, the couple seems to enjoy investigating as well as spending time outdoors.

His mother shares his adventures on the Internet, where Lotus has amassed thousands of cat-adoring followers who can’t get enough of his soft figure.

In all of his scenic adventures, Lotus does his share of resting at the end of the day and giving love to his family as well.

Naturally, his purrs, cuddles, and kisses are above all else.

“He is fond of sleeping in the back part of the house and sleeping in the bed,” Lindstein said. “He is very generous, tender, and caring. He adores her family and loves to kiss. He frequently sleeps on his back, very calmly.”

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