The woman who lost her beloved pet and searched for her for a long time, got a chance to see her again

A touching reunion after a long break!

That picture broke Anja’s heart, who had lost her lovely dog and searched for her everywhere. Each day she opened the shelter’s Facebook page to see if her beloved pet had appeared or not. But once she saw a photo of a dog, which strongly looked like Killua.

Killua was only seven weeks old, when she was adopted by the woman. They spent five years together. Once when the woman came home from work she found out that her dog had disappeared. She began to search for her everywhere, but useless.

Later it turned out that during this difficult time her dog was found by the neighbourhood humane society and was taken there. Anja was shocked to see her beloved pet again. The scene touched everyone around them.

Killua had been adopted by another family and lived with them for eight months. But the shelter had to return her, because Anja was waiting for her arrival impatiently.
Fortunately, they found each other and were reunited again!

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