An ideal instance of persistence. This girl survived with almost no muscles, got married, and had a baby

The willpower, endurance, and persistence of this delicate woman can only be envied.

This powerful woman is called Shari Psaila. She agonizes from a disease such as arthrogryposis. Her muscles and joints are barely developed, and her limbs are deformed.

When Shari was just born, the doctors gave her a deplorable diagnosis. According to predictions, the girl should live no more than a year.

But the latter had her own plans for this. She survived. At the following examination by a doctor, the parents were informed that their daughter would be nailed to a wheelchair for the rest of her life … But Shari proved once again that she was not going to succumb to the sickness.

In this way, gradually, the girl was able to regain her normal life. She studied at school, then entered a technical university and successfully completed her diploma. She lived and enjoyed every second, every little success, every ray of sunshine.

While studying at the university, Shari met a young man named Chris. They instantly become attached to each other. The thing is that the boy had congenital problems with the spine. The couple soon got married.

When Shari became pregnant, she was on cloud nine. But, sadly, there was a miscarriage. After that, the doctors banned the woman to give birth. After all, she risks her life in the first place. It’s a wonder she’s still alive. The next pregnancy would kill the girl, the doctors announced steadily.

Do you think that Shari resigned herself to the doctors’ prediction this time? Oh no. The willpower, endurance, and persistence of this delicate woman can only be envied. She became pregnant for the second time.

And after nine months, a little boy appeared in the family, who was born without pathologies.

Definitely, Shari cannot completely fulfill all the responsibilities of a mother. For instance, when a baby cries, she is not able to hold him in her arms. She has to wait for the nanny or Chris to come out.

At the moment this little family is on cloud nine. We just want to wish them that the baby grows up healthy as well as endlessly please his parents.

This delicate girl is an ideal instance of persistence in achieving her desires and aims.

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