“No single wrinkle!”: How fashion designer Vera Wang manages to look 25 at her 73: Anyone actually can

Here is well-known fashion designer Wang looking 25 while being 73

The famous fashion designer Wang still keeps delighting people not only with her style but also” ageless” look.

The great designer specialized in wedding dresses has already turned 73 on the 27th of June which is simply unbelievable.

According to the photos taken at the Presecco party, the stunning woman actually looks 25.

Not every 73-year old female can afford to appear in mini shorts, a fashionable crop top and hair with pink strands. Despite the neckline, there was no single wrinkle on her neck.

Celebrity guests of the evening sang along to Wong’s favorite songs, such as “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder.

The loyal fans of the great designer claim that Vera looks much younger than she actually is declaring how beautiful the fashion designer is and asking her to share her beauty secrets.

The famous star claims that she manages to maintain her appearance and figure only thanks to sports, daily training and regular sleep.

According to her, enough sleep is one of the most essential factor.

The celebrity doesn’t strictly limit herself in eating but her staple diet mostly consists of organic and healthy food products: fruit, vegetables, salmon, rice. And, of course, her genes also matter.

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