The 6 years old boy did something heroic and supported a needy animal

What a thrilling action!

Each of us must safe and protect our animals and make their lives better. We have told you many stories about the children’s heroic actions, who have supported helpless animals.

This amazing boy, who is just seven years old, has already become a real hero.

The child always wanted to adopt a kitten and collected some money for it. But when he found a stray cat in need, hurried to save her and spent all his money on buying food for him.

He asked his mother to help him fulfil his dream. His mother supported her child till the end and they two took the animal to a vet clinic for a check-up.

On the boy’s birthday they gathered all his friends and relatives and of course they brought the catty, too. They wanted to dedicate the celebration to their beloved cat and explain to everyone the importance of animals in our lives.

She has become their lovely pet and now enjoys her carefree life under their strong care.

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