The little ginger kitten found in the woods developed into a gorgeous cat

Fortunately a family found a small red kitten abandoned in the jungle

The family discovered the small, cute cat in a jungle. The kitten was all alone without a mother or other siblings. And the only thing they could do was taking her home. She was named Melon!

“The kitten started meowing, when she went  to find her mother. We discovered her when she was only 3-4 weeks old. She was all alone, there wasn’t any siblings or a mother cat.”

“We took her home and after that to the vet. She turned out to be in a good health. Maybe someone left her, or maybe the mother gave birth in the woods.

Melon’s owner told: “The litter is unlikely, as Melon was discovered all alone. She is a unique kitten and she was amazing from the start. Nevertheless we don’t regret taking Melon.”

“I just adore her.” told Melon’s owner. The little red kitten now has a big kitten now. Two years have passed since then. Melon became a gorgeous cat.

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