The affectionate cat comes out of her cage just to support her canine friend. It’s so cute!

What a caring feline!

Meet Lito, a little catty, who was found wandering on the streets by some rescuers and was taken to a vet clinic to get the necessary check-up and treatment. The tiny creature was so confused when she first came there and was looking at the vets carefully.

She couldn’t understand why these people were collected by her side and what happened with her.
Later the baby adapted in her new environment and began to feel better.

Lito was all alone in the room until the arrival of a dog named Ela, who was found in a miserable condition and was brought there.

The staff decided to separate them being sure that they would never get along with each other.

Once, when the workers entered the room to check the animals as usual, they didn’t find Lito in her cage. She was in her friend’s cage and was cuddling her. The staff was excited by the scene and they were so happy to see that these two adorable animals became friends.

Now they are inseparable and share a strong bond.

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