«She could do it in her bedroom, not in public!»: Salma Hayek’s new photo with her husband surprised netizens

Salma Hayek doesn’t stop surprising fans with her bold photos 😱😳

56-year-old Salma Hayek continues to attract fans with her charming appearance. She often goes on vacation with her husband, this time she chose to relax in the pool.

She proudly showed off her natural physique standing by the pool in a spicy swimsuit. Fans were captured by her beauty and charm and they expressed their admiration and amazement in the comments.

But there’s a photo, which caused a strong discussion among her followers. In the photo Hayek is on her husband back in the pool, where she is smiling widely, while her husband’s face isn’t seen.

Many netizens criticized her for sharing such a private photo on social media. They advised her to do such things in her bedroom, not in front of millions of people.

What’s your opinion about this photo? Do you agree with fans?

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