The Guy Went into the Room to Put on a Sweater and Found a Cat with the Newborn Kittens But the Guy Has No Animals

A British filmmaker Paris Zarcilla went to his room to put on a sweater and found a cat with her four newborn kittens. But he didn’t have a cat. From that moment on his life turned upside down and Paris canceled all the appointments and was left with the fluffy lumps. He had various feelings and emotions with which he shared on his Twitter page. It turned out to be a very fascinating story of the birth of the catties.

He found a cat with the newborn kittens in his bedroom.

I just found a mother cat with her newborn babies and I would like to tell you that I don’t have a cat.

This situation was very unexpected for him because he didn’t have any pets.

I just try to get used to the crazy situation which occurred recently. I just entered the room to take something and saw a catty with her babies. That was really mysterious.

Paris even canceled all his affairs and stayed at home.

I cancelled all the plans in order to spend more time with my new family members and they’re the catties.

The man got the paternal instincts which he hadn’t previously suspected.

I just started to realize what kind of wonderful feeling is that to be a father.

He felt all the responsibility and even called himself a cat-dad.

I will be a real hero for my feline cuties.

I have become a catty daddy. You van’t imagine how excited am I.

He shared his emotions and photos of the cute kittens on Twitter.

The man decided to keep the fluffy family for a while but then he perhaps decided to give them to a safer place.

And here is the mommy!

This cat has chosen the right place for the birth of her babies. She was lucky that she met such a good person who reacted to the situation very positively. Paris felt a storm of new emotions and became a real cat-dad of the adorable kittens.

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