The story demonstrates, that even dominant men can express love, care and compassion

A big gorilla looked after a small animal and made friends with it 

This is a big gorilla named Bubble, who made friends with a small animal. They became everyone’s purpose of amazement and Internet’s best friends and heroes.

When one source shared their photos and videos, it immediately spread around the world. And it’s amazingly sweet!

As you can see Bubble is having fun with his new friend.

The organisation’s workers never stop being amazed by their behaviour, although working with them almost 20 years. And one such example was Bubble’s friendship with a small animal.

And it all started when Bubble saw a newborn goago in the bushes when he was walking in the morning. Big Bubble appeared to be very helpful in this case. Besides him there are also three other males and three females in the group.

These young men struggled for the title of dominating male for a long time, but they all failed as Bubble was a strong and powerful leader. And also this friendship demonstrates, that even dominant men can show love, care and other emotions.

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