After relying on the owner the retriever started to show his humorous side

An unusual grin of a puppy, who captured his owner’s attention 

Daniel considered to adopt a dog and went to a shelter to adopt one. And he saw a golden retriever named Zink, who sat inclining his head.

Daniel considered he couldn’t the dog behind.

The shelter staff started to persuade the guy, saying the dog was “difficult to acclimatise” as he has an unusual smile and flashes all of his teeth at once.

But Daniel was captured by Zink. He considered to give a dog a chance to have an ordinary life. The man finished all the paperwork and went to take the dog. And Zink smiled.

In reality it was obvious, that the dog was unable to smile. He wanted to attract their attention by showing his fangs at them. Zink was able to regain his owner’s confidence as his popular smile appeared.

When he understood he could trust his owner and the house may become his forever home, he showed himself in a humorous way.

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