The man was closely related to the stray cat and decided to make his life better and happier

Such a right decision by the kind man!

Once Brandon spotted a stray cat with her two kittens wandering nearby his workplace. With many other workers, he started to feed them, but suddenly they noticed that the mother cat and one of her babies had disappeared. The second kitten stayed in the same place, and the staff began to look after him more carefully.

But Brandon was more attentive towards the baby than others, so a strong bond arose between them. The man always brought food for him, and the kitten accepted it with happiness.

He called the kitten Mono and decided to adopt him. At first Mono was confused and everything around him seemed strange, but it was comprehensible, because the kitten needed some time to adapt to his new environment.

After a short time Mono became more confident and started to discover his surrounding. He began to feel better in his new house and enjoy his life with his loving owner.

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