A story of a missing cat with a happy ending, who was discovered by his owner

Sweet reunion after almost five weeks  

Andrew and his kitty have become best friends and like spending a lot of time together. Andrew adores embracing with the kitty. To locate the kitty Nina, mother of Andrew went to many shelters and wrote letters on Facebook.

Unfortunately nothing helped, until someone wrote on Facebook, that she had found the kitty five weeks later. She told: “I called the woman after seeing his pictures on Facebook and understood he was just next to us.”

He was found on the next street. Nina was happy to find out he had been discovered healthy, and now all they must do organise their meeting.

It appeared, that one of their neighbours kept him until his family could find him.

And to make his son happy, Nina organized all the meeting. When they went to their neighbour’s house to take their “gift”, Andrew was amazed to find Finnie in his neighbour’s arms. Andrew was overjoyed to find out his best friend.

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