A very affectionate dog found on the street, that wanted to show his gratitude to his hero

Sweet and affectionate dog, who is so thankful for being rescued from the street

The previous owners of a sweet dog named Cherry never showed love or care to him. As his owners didn’t want him to live with them, they just considered to abandon the dog in the parking lot of one of the bug supermarkets.

Cherry made friends with other animals, who were also left on the street. The rescue team decided to return the animals into their families, but it was unsuccessful. But they were fortunate enough to be rescued by an animal rescue group.

After volunteers took the animals they considered to find long term owners for them. This is how Cherry shows his gratitude to his hero for the rescue and welcomes him with such an affection.

The volunteers described the dog, as being absolutely loving and friendly, who likes spending time with people. Cherry will soon move to New Jersey.

The shelter staff will do everything to locate a permanent home for the sweet dog, as he needs his own home. Cherry’s owner was lucky to find him and the opposite. They must stay together forever and show one another their love and care.

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