A unique possum was discovered, who had golden hair

A gorgeous possum with unusual appearance attracted a lot of attention 

In November the possum was taken to the vet clinic in Melbourne, who looked like a popular Pokemon mascot.

A vet told, that the possum had a health condition, that results in a melanin deficiency and his fur became golden. One of the volunteers discovered the small possum on the ground.

The child was examined and turned out to be healthy. After a night with a vet the baby was taken to a guardian, who looked after wild animals. Because of its unusual colouring the possum isn’t going to be released to the nature in the near future.

The animal’s future is not known. But he gains a lot of followers on the Internet.

All the people want to meet the animal, as such an animal is very unique. What an amazing thing. We hope, that this gorgeous animal will live with kind and caring people.

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