People are in awe of this puppy’s fantastic look and can’t stop staring at his stunning eyes

Cupcake is the prettiest pug ever!

We know that pugs are one of the cutest breeds in the world. They are so beautiful and fascinating. They look like stuffed toys and spending time with them is a great pleasure.

Three years ago, when a woman found a pink puppy on a street in London, she hurried to take him home and provide him with everything he needed. The dog’s life completely changed and he started a new carefree life with interesting photoshoots and enjoyable moments.

This beauty became an Internet sensation and even the owner created an Instagram account and collected thousands of followers from all over the world. His human always shares amazing photos and videos of him making everyone fall in love with him.

Although many people think that Cupcake, the pug, is an albino, it’s not true, because albinos can’t have such turquoise eyes.

He is really pretty and thanks to his stunning appearance, Cupcake always stays in the centre of everyone’s attention.

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