The dog was “programmed” to give birth to puppies of the desired colour 

British Labrador breeders celebrate success-they’ve managed to breed an individual, that can give birth to puppies of all three colours. That was a very difficult and long experiment. And it isn’t finished yet-the results must be consolidated.  

Here they are, record puppies: black, beige and chocolate  

The babies were born healthy, which cannot be said about the mother-this is her first and last pregnancy 

The idea arose in the last millennium and is based on the fact, that almost no one knows about chocolate Labradors. All have black and beige colours, which give birth to the same, and chocolate from chocolate, but there are so few of them, that there are almost none. The Davis family from West Sussex took up the issue, and by isolating the right genes and direct selection, they bred a dog, that can give birth to puppies of all colours.  

Now, there will be a variety! 

They are all the same and normal, the difference is only colour  

Zola was the first dog to have black, beige and chocolate puppies  

Unfortunately, the birth was difficult, they had to do a cesarean section, and in order to avoid the risk, Zola will no longer be used in the experiment. However, she passed on her unique genes to her daughters and in a couple of years, when they grow up, they will continue to participate-the world needs more beautiful puppies of all stripes!

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