“The groom couldn’t hold back his tears”: The paralyzed bride astonished the guests walking the altar without the wheelchair

The touching surprise of the disabled bride made the groom burst into tears

It is probably each and every girl’s cherished dream to walk the altar making every single one there sincerely admire her fantastic and angelically beautiful look. Whereas, misfortunately, youthful J. Goncher didn’t have a chance to do so.

The situation was as follows: the girl had actively been engaged in athletics since her childhood, whereas because of a serious and fatal spinal injury she got, it was obligatory to use a wheelchair so as to move independently without anybody’s assistance since she no more could walk.

The doctors were greatly surprised seeing the girl getting up from the chair since they were more than sure she could never return to her former physical state and regain her ability to walk.

Before the wedding ceremony, Jackie prepared a lot in order to be able to walk on her own and all her efforts, fortunately, paid off.

It goes without saying that all the guests including the groom were literally left speechless seeing Jackie stand up and walk the altar.

Though the groom, Andy, was well-aware of it beforehand, he also was not able to hold back his tears and hide his emotions.

Believe it or not, the heroic bride and the groom performed their first dance making everyone there sincerely admire them.

It is all owing to Jackie’s determination and strong will-power that she managed to walk independently. She is more than sure that it all is the matter of time and everything will be the same as it was before.

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