Heartwarming Tales of Rescue: Caesar and Saskia Find Hope and Healing in the Midst of Adversity

These dogs with a sad past are finally reunited and are very happy 🐶🤗

The two dogs named Caesar and Saskia were from different families in the township of Blikkiesdorp in South Africa before they met. Humans and animals there suffer a lot.

Humans even didn’t have normal homes, their homes are constructed of scrap metal, old tires and bits of wood.

The humans had to share sinks and toilets and also they didn’t have social services.

And also there is a lot of gang violence.

The women named Rosie Künneke, Danielle Stöckigt and Clarina Hanekom considered opening an organization for rescuing both humans and animals after seeing their hard lives.

They saved many animals by sterilizing them, giving food and vet treatment with other volunteers.

And they even help any animal all day long.

And at that time they saw a dog named Caesar, who was living with a couple. Rosie saw the dog and stopped to greet him. Caesar turned out to be so scared, that he simply ran away after hearing their car sound.

Caesar’s owners divorced and he was living with the woman. Rosie thought, that she didn’t take good care of the puppy. And after kids started throwing stones at him, things started to become even worse.

Rosie told, that when they saw the puppy he has some head wounds, but the worst one was to his nose. His nose wound was so deep, that the blood wasn’t stopping for several days.

Caesar is only ten years old and Rosie was worried for him, as she considered he wouldn’t survive in the city. She took him from the city to help him recover in foster care.

And Clarina also met a dog named Saskia, who needed assistance. Saskia was very underweight and suffered from gastroenteritis and Clarina quickly took her to the vet in order she could get treatment.

Clarina planned to give Saskia to her owners and took her to the address they had given her. After arriving at the place she understood they had given the wrong address and they didn’t want her to return.

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