A mother with her daughter in a wheelchair talks about her experience on the bus

After the occurrence, the two were picked up by one of the neighbors.

A mother and her child on the bus were asked to get out in a wheelchair. The driver said it was because he was working extra shift.

The story occurred on a Tuesday. On that day, Denise Needle took her 10-year-old daughter Cassidy to the set of Enola Holmes. Unluckily for both of them, they only got a glimpse of the characters in the drama.

Approximately 5:30 p.m., they made a decision to take the Stagecoach No. 2 bus home. All was going well until the driver stopped the car on Goodheart Road in Branholm, still far from her ordinary stop.

According to Denise, the driver contacted his boss after the bus stopped. Seemingly, he shouted at him that he was “exceeding” his typical working hours and that he would have to get off the bus in case he didn’t send a renewal.

Then, when the call ended, he asked all passengers to get out of the car, since his principal had not sent another driver.

Following this order from the driver, Denise made an attempt to get him to change his mind by saying that her daughter was in a wheelchair and that it would be hard for her to push her, particularly in that weather. Despite this, the driver refused to go to the common stop.

Mother specifically mentioned the lack of heating in this bus. She added that her daughter, who was wheelchair-bound because of a broken leg, was “restless, exhausted” and “frozen” at the time as well.

Happily, after the occurrence, they were picked up by one of the neighbors.

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