This is how a dad who supports his daughter became famous on YouTube

What a dad! The true superman!

Children’s matinees and performances are always very wonderful and exciting. And this clip is proof of that. This is what real manhood looks like. The majority of men who are proud of their masculinity would not do this because they are afraid of having ridiculous appearance and be effeminate but when you are a true man and you see that your daughter is in trouble, you will do everything possible for her. This is a quite hard mission for children’s rooms.

After all, small children cannot always cope with the excitement of the stage. Also, young artists frequently not remember their moves, which makes them even more tense. When something doesn’t go according to plan, the audience sometimes sighs in sympathy, and sometimes smiles calmly. But Mark Daniels doesn’t fit into any of those categories.

The young man was able to save his daughter’s speech at an essential second. Because his daughter Bella was supposed to perform the swan dance. When the girls were brought on stage, Bella was confused and cried from stress. This is not surprising, because for a little girl it is quite hard.

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