Why do people never see pigeon chicks? Are they hiding them? 

Have you ever wondered why we never see little pigeons in a common flock? If you walked into the attics of multi-storey buildings, you would understand the answer to this question. After all, it is there, that the birth and maturation of chicks of pigeons takes place. Even birds also mate in attics, away from human eyes. 

After mating, the dove lays 2 eggs, and after 18 days, chicks appear from them. Their development is very fast. On the fourth day, the rudiments of feathers appear on the little bodies of pigeons, of which bare processes appear after 2 days. On day 10, the yellow growth in babies disappears, and at 14 days of age, feathers appear from the processes.  

At the end of the first week, the chicks begin to crawl, and after 12 days the pigeons are already walking. When babies are 20 days old, they learn to spread their wings and clean themselves with might and main. On the 25th day, the pigeons begin to try to flip and after a couple of days the crumbs fly around the attic. At the age of one month, little babies together with mom and dad, begin to fly to places where the flock usually feeds. A young pigeon at this age is not much different from its relatives. It is for this reason, that we don’t see pigeon chicks. 

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