«Archival photos of a victim of plastic surgery»: The girl who has undergone a number of surgeries showed her archival photos

The way this non-standard girl looked before all the surgeries will surprise you

Meet A. Ivanova who has gained overall recognition and worldwide fame owing to her non-standard and extraordinary appearance. The network users have long been more than sure that Andrea was putting on filters and was simply being an attention seeker, whereas the fact that she actually looked like that left her subscribers speechless.

Ivanova eventually admitted that she has undergone over twenty plastic operations for the sake of her Barbie-like appearance.

Whereas what caused a stir on network was Andrea’s archival photos. People couldn’t believe their eyes seeing what a beauty she actually used to be wondering what led her to ruin her natural beauty.

A number of netizens rushed to accuse her surgeon of having destroyed her appearance making her a victim of plastic surgery.

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