«He grew up to be a very nice fellow». Madonna’s adopted son is now a handsome boy  

This is what her adopted child looks like 14 years later 🤔🧐

We know that besides her own two children, Madonna has three more adopted ones. She adopted a boy 14 years ago named David and now he has changed into a handsome guy.

Madonna loves and respects all her children equally. For her they all are her own.

Now she lives with her adopted boy in Portugal in their new apartment. The star wants to devote much time to her son and lives with him happily.

David is interested in football and music. He has other multiple interests, but these two are his favorite. Besides being intelligent, he is very handsome, and fans are captivated with his appearance.

He lives peacefully with his mother and siblings. He loves them all and tries his best to devote much time to his family.

Do you know this guy? What can you say about him?

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