The blind dog never gets upset, because he has someone who is not only a caretaker for him

What a great supporter!

Meet Charlie, a blind but cute and loving dog, who was taken to Stipe family when he was still a puppy. His owners changed his life providing him with everything he needed. They gave him much love and care and made him the happiest in the world.

But seeing that Charlie needed a friend, who would stay by his side all day and would become his inseparable part, the parents decided to adopt another dog.

They chose Maverick, a 4-month-old puppy, who was welcomed by Charlie with happiness.

Maverick became a caretaker for the blind dog. He started to support him in every situation. The parents were amazed by their strong bond, they never expected that the new puppy would understand his sibling so perfectly. When Charlie loses a toy or something else, his brother immediately finds and returns it.

Maverick makes Charlie’s life better and easier. When their story was shared on social media, a great number of people got attracted by them.

Having such a friend for life is really wonderful!

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