The «Crocodile Dundee» actor is unrecognizable!: The way Paul Hogan has changed caused mixed reactions

Everyone’s favorite star of «Crocodile Dundee» is now an aged half-bald pensioner 🧐🤔

However surprising it may see, this actor is already 83 and embraces natural aging. Best remembered for her great role in «Crocodile Dundee», he now dwells in Australia away from the public eye. Age and health issues led him to change a lot.

For those who don’t know, he suffers from retroperitoneal fibrosis which affects his kidneys and aorta. For this very reason, he lost a lot of weight and his muscles had shrunk. He has also undergone treatment with corticosteroids.

Even until his 80s, he possesses an excellent physique, yet the disease didn’t let him continue the same way. Before that, he could even surpass most 30-year-old sportsmen.

What concerns his personal life, he has been married twice. Noeleen Edwards became his first wife but the actor’s overall fame negatively affected their relationship.

His second love became Linda Kozlowski with whom the prominent actor welcomed a son named Chance. Believe it or not, the spouses divorced 23 years after their marriage.

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