A mischievous cat, who has his own room and even a television there

Adorable room of a cat with all his requirements 

Brian and his family took the cat from the shelter. The small black and white cat got used to the new environment and also found his beloved activity. He can look out of the window for hours watching birds to land on a branch or a squirrel to come.

But all of this soon made the cat bored. And his owner found an original idea. He took his iPad and played a “movie for cats”.

The cat became extremely happy. He even got his own television. But this wasn’t the end, he also created a separate room for the cat. Although the room was small, the cat was tiny. Then he began working.

The room of the owner was full of cat paintings and a beautiful fish model. To protect his tablet, he lined a glass “showcase” on the wall. The television would be safely attached and protected from the mischievous cat.

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