A touching friendship between an adopted child and his dog

A very intelligent dog, who helped the adopted baby boy get used to the new home 

The dog was happy after the small boy adopted by his owner came home.The puppy and the boy became friends, when they both were 10 months old and they are friends ever since.

When they got older they tried new activities, had new experiences and also did some mischiefs.Martin and Viking are now real brothers, who adore spending their time together.

The puppy and the boy are always overjoyed in the morning when they meet, although they often interact.They quickly linked with one another.Viking appeared to understand, that Martin needed a friend, that will help him get used to his new home.

The woman told:«Watching their friendship touches my heart».The Lewis family also adopted a girl.And another dog came to their house to help the small girl adopt the new surroundings, like her brother’s dog.

You can follow their lives on the Internet.


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