An amusing image of a dog created by his owner

A very funny photo, that made everyone laugh 

Everyone smiled at a photographer’s dog’s picture, which she shared on the Internet.The owner took Dolly for a walk in the snow covered forest, as he adored snow and could play there for days.

And when the dog understood where he had come, he immediately started walking the area.And while the dog was having fun,Lila considered to take beautiful photos of the woodland environment.

The girl also added a filter on the photo to make it more complete.

And when Lila began recording Dolly happily entered into the picture.If you have ever taken a panoramic photo, you will understand that a moving item will twist the photo.

In some cases it appeared to be strange, but in this case it was amusing.

It appeared to be a very adorable dog photo.The girl considered, that it wasn’t true hiding the masterpiece from other people.And when they came home she immediately shared the photo on the Internet.

Lila was overjoyed, that the dog’s love of the snow helped her to take such an amusing photo, which made people happy.

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