Kittens From Different Litters Met and Became So Related That They Insisted on Staying Together Forever

Not only people but also animals can feel the kinship of souls quite often. So the two tiny kittens had a completely different story and are given birth by different mothers, but both remained orphans and appeared in an orphanage.

Charlie was incredibly sweet and his sad story and touching blue eyes could melt even the coldest heart.  Once he had a mother and sister, and also a loving owner who took care of him. However, the woman died from an illness and after that the catty was forever separated from his family.

The relatives took the mother cat for themselves and they also managed to take the sister, but the cutie appeared in a shelter.

A cat named Ziggy has never seen human love, care and affection. A stray mother gave birth to a stray cat and he is the only one of the three brothers and sisters who survived. Kind people couldn’t pass by the cat without helping him and he was only two days old when he was taken to the shelter.

Both he and Charlie were pipet-fed at first. Both cats got so used to each other and became so friendly that from the very beginning they were inseparable and did everything together.

Despite this their characters were different. Ziggy was very active and sociable and Charlie was calm and affectionate, but these traits only complemented each other and made the friends even closer.

Once, the girl found a picture of Charlie on the net and she really liked the kitten. She visited him in the shelter and took him home. As soon as Charlie was at home he became sad. The girl showed him to the veterinarian, but he said that the baby was healthy and he was probably under stress. So the girl called the shelter to find out more about her pet. It turned out that Ziggy also behaved detachedly and the assumptions of the employees that the cats couldn’t live without each other were justified.

Then she talked to her mother and took Ziggy to live in her parents’ house and then transferred Charlie there. Since the house was large both pets could live there and feel at ease. In addition, there was already an adult cat named Bucks who was very lazy, but he willingly kept both babies under his protection.

Finally, two friends found their happiness, a warm home and loving owners.!

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