A man spend all his savings to save his four-legged friend’s life

A kind-hearted man spend all his pension to save his only friend

Cats, dogs and other domestic animals are called pets. As for this they are automatically deprived of their rights. For many people they aren’t just guards, but a soul friends and partners.

A sad story about a guy, that spend all his savings for a dog and became penniless. The man had retired and was living alone in his home. He didn’t have a family, so his only friend was a dog, that was living with him. The dog grew unwell and lost consciousness on the street. The man immediately took him to the vet. The vet gave very sad prognosis: the pure dog had a heart illness and he had less then a tear to live. The treatment was a difficult process and the vet refused as he didn’t have an appropriate expertise.

The guy didn’t give up and began to search for physicians in the USA. Such a veterinarian was discovered in Japan. And the cost of this procedure was 50000$.

The man had such a large sum of money in his pension account. There is a possibility of dropping out the pension after the retirement age. The owner took all the money and invested all in his friend’s treatment. Everything turned out to be well. The dog fully recovered. The man didn’t have any saving for him, but he was happy and didn’t regret about spending it for the health life of his only friend.

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