“The dragon’s wife”: How the beloved wife of talented actor Jackie Chan looks

This is what Jackie Chan’s wife looks like and how the family currently lives

There is probably no one who hasn’t ever seen this legendary master of marital arts and brilliant actor on TV. This talented artist associates with childhood years among most of the people born in 80s and 90s.

Whereas you didn’t, perhaps, know that Jackie Chan, apart from being a talented actor, is also a devoted partner who managed to create a wonderful and exemplary family.

It is worth mentioning that since his childhood, Jackie has always been literally obsessed with films and started to star since very young ages dedicating himself to marital arts and fighting styles as well.

All this eventually paid off and he succeeded in becoming a legendary and famous actor and the man who constantly inspired and motivated millions of people. We could witness the evidence on the screen – “Armor of God”, “Drunken Master” and so many other praiseworthy masterpieces.

Besides his development as an individual, he was lucky enough to meet the love of his life who was an actress, in fact, his colleague.

A year after they first met, Jackie proposed his beloved woman and they happily got married as both of them were madly in love with each other.

But their private life has always been a secret for all of us as they refuse to share some details and rarely appear in public.

The woman had to give up her career as an actress when Jackie and her got married.

Joan Lin herself claims that she is absolutely happy and hasn’t ever regretted marrying Jackie. They have an adorable son named Chang Zuming.

Apart from their son, Jackie has a daughter named Etta as well.

The popular actor admitted that Etta is illegitimate and there are few details about this situation.

Chan simply adores his family and is considered to be their biggest supporter and protector. Yet he refused to go against the law and made his son be in prison for half a year. He didn’t want to overuse his power and fame to break the law.

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