No one can describe the happiness of this adorable puppy when he realized he was being rescued

Be kind, it suits you very well!

It’s terrible to see stray animals remain unnoticed and suffer from cold and hunger. But luckily, there are still kindhearted people who are eager to save these poor creatures and give them the second chance at life.

Once Takis Shelter came across an abandoned puppy in a box in Greece and hurried to rescue him.

The poor canine was completely defenseless and helpless. He was waiting for someone who would spot and save him.

People were passing by his side without even paying attention to him.

He was taken to the shelter and started a new carefree life next to loving people, who care and support him in everything.

Although he had a happy life at the shelter surrounded by other friendly animals and caring workers, he needed a forever family, where he would live till the end of his life.

Luckily, the response was not late and after a short time he was adopted by a loving couple, who provided him with much love and care.

Thanks to these kind people, one more creature was saved.

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