«A boy with Down Syndrome saved drowning girls»: The heroic act of a teenage boy with Down Syndrome was highly praised

The boy with Down Syndrome saved drowning girls and was awarded a medal

Meet V. Catoia who was born with the Down Syndrome and whose parents encouraged him to learn how to swim since early ages so that he would strengthen his health and resistance.

Whereas swimming was not only his hobby, but also soon became his obsession. The boy started to excellently take it up soon participating in the Olympic games.

One day, he was on the beach with his father and little sister and, all of a sudden, they heard cries for help form 10-year-old and 14-year-old girls who couldn’t reach the shore.

Since the ocean was wavy, it was not surprising that the little girls couldn’t manage to reach the shores.  Valerio and his father rushed to save them and as the teenage boy was aware of the necessity to hold the girls’ head above the water so as to prevent them from choking, they succeeded in rescuing them.

As a result, he was awarded a medal for heroism, bravery and courage.

His praiseworthy act not only made his parents be proud, but also encourages others born with disorder not to be embarrassed.

He truly is a hero, isn’t he?

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