The family cat has special feelings towards his newborn human and treats him as his own baby

What an affectionate relationship!

The friendship between animals and children is the cutest thing in the world. We know that animals are so caring and attentive especially towards kids. They never harm them and enjoy spending time with them.

Not only dogs, but also cats can be loyal companions with their little humans. They create strong bond with them even before their birth, when they are still inside their mothers.

Our today’s story is about such a strong friendship between the family cat and the newborn baby.
The cute animal was very attentive towards his pregnant owner as if he knew that she needed care.

He calmly approached to her belly and put his head on it. But it was just the beginning. After the child’s birth, the smart catty became more caring and attentive towards his little human. He followed the baby everywhere in order to be sure that he was safe and protected.

Now they are inseparable even while sleeping. They adore being together all day and share a very loyal friendship.

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