«Looks pretty with all outfits». 65-year-old Sharon Stone was captured by the paparazzi on the street  

It’s impossible to take your eyes off her . 🥹🥰

Sharon Stone attracts everyone with her youthful appearance and timeless beauty. She is already 65, but hasn’t lost her gloss and charm.

The star started her career at the age of 17, when she first participated in Miss Crawford County and won the beauty contest. It was the beginning of her successful career.

She has a great sense of style and always chooses modern outfits which highlight her figure and natural beauty. The star enjoys using bright makeup and wearing interesting clothes, but even during her daily walks, where she is dressed in quite an ordinary way, she looks attractive.

Recently, the paparazzi captured her on the street in a completely black look. She looked natural, without makeup or an ordinary hairstyle, but even in this way her fans were attracted by her.

She is one of the most beloved celebrities, who enjoys popularity all over the world.

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