Roberts’s sensational and powerful message definitely won’t let any of you stay indifferent

Here is Roberts’s sensational message which will change the mindset of women

Roberts lately shared a very powerful and influential message which will definitely change the mindset of women and ruin the standards of female beauty accepted by our society.  The iconic celebrity encourages all of us, the representatives of the fair sex, to finally stop trying to meet today’s standards of beauty and style.

“The desire to look flawless and without any imperfections is considered a disease a big number of women suffer nowadays. They daily put on cosmetic products, periodically turn to beauticians and cosmetologists and undergo plastic surgeries and various procedures in order to gain the perfectness they all aspire to. Whereas women still don’t perceive that, most essentially, it is actually their soul which needs more support and good care rather than appearance which won’t last forever. Providing that one’s soul is dirty and evil, it doesn’t matter how gorgeous they look and what brandy and fashionable clothes they wear.

I am totally exhausted of this and I am now telling myself to stop using any cosmetics and fully accept my own body and face. “


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