While the police was searching for the rescued dog’s owners, he was making other plans  

What a lively and hardworking canine!  

Meet Tate, a lost dog, who was found by a kind passerby and was taken to a nearby police station. Surprisingly, the friendly canine wasn’t afraid of his new environment, on the contrary, he was feeling calm and safe next to the police officers.

While the workers were looking for his owners, the smart doggy was making plans to work there. On the first day the cutie climbed up to the visitor window and suggested his assistance in any field. The whole staff was amazed by his action.

Instead of getting a job, the doggy received a lot of cuddles. The workers couldn’t do what he wanted, instead they ofered him food and water.

Moreover, later it turned out that his owners had been found. Poor Tate! He had to be separated from his beloved humans.

The cute canine was sent to his owners. It’s stressful for the staff, because they were strongly connected with the dog.

However, he found his owners and continued to enjoy his life with them.

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