«Cellulite, stretch marks and rounded forms»: Selena faced criticism after the paparazzi photos surfaced on the network

The fans were speechless to see Selena’s body full of stretch marks and cellulite 😱😮

Millions hold the opinion that S. Gomez is one of the most successful, desirable and in-demand actresses and singers of all time. The iconic performer gathered a big army of fans in her youth years who still never ceased to support her.

Her pure heart and determination to overcome all the challenges and hardships encouraged millions of people across the world.

She is currently in the process of healing herself spiritually, but her health issues have a noticeable impact on her appearance too.

Selena learnt to love herself and accept her body the way it is. She now doesn’t consider others’ opinion and tries not to react to criticism on social media.

While on vacation, Selena relaxed to the fullest. She ate whatever she wanted to following no diet and enjoyed her time with her closest friends. Paparazzi were lucky enough to capture the star in a bikini that emphasized her excess weight.

Some believe that the lockdown had an impact on her health and well-being, yet none of us can really know the main reason for her drastic weight gain.

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