The smallest horse of the world is happy with his new life

Amazing improvements of the horse with many health problems 

The smallest horse in the world leftover by his mother because of his small size, lives in San Diego with his owner and three dogs. The pony named Polo was leftover by his mother, as he was very small to be breastfed.

The pony is almost seven weeks old, weighs about twenty pounds and is much more smaller than a usual pony. And also he is smaller than a normal dog. Polo lives with his owner in a house like a pet.

Happily his owner named Smith managed to rescue him. But the horse had many health issues. Smith rented a vehicle and went to the countryside to take Polo after adopting. And the small horse has become better since than.

Now he is able to walk, has a straighter jaw, a bigger head and perfect eyesight. He still feels happy in his home. Polo befriended with the tree dogs and adores spending time with them.

The smallest horse in the world is excited and happy for his new life.

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