The dog surprised the owner with a human smile. The dozing grandmother is to blame

To paraphrase a well-known saying, this story can be described as follows: “The owners had no worries, they got a dog named Luna”. This four-legged friend was picked up a few months ago in Brazil by a couple: Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé. They accepted the dog to their family and just adore it. Recently, Anna together with Luna decided to visit her grandmother, the pet felt at home there and became the heroine of a funny situation.  

This is Luna 

Together with their owner they went to visit grandmother  

After dinner the girl left, and the grandmother decided to take a nap. She had a false jaw and  the woman put the dentures next to her on a pillow. When she woke up, she didn’t find them! She was in despair, she and Anna’s mother were looking for teeth everywhere. And then the girl returned home.  

Knowing about grandmother’s dentures losing, Anna immediately suspected something, where is Luna? 

Of course, the dog took them and surprised everyone with her new smile 

She also didn’t want to give it back! 

After a little confrontation, the jaw was taken from the dog’s mouth and it wasn’t damaged.  

Luna smiles with her own teeth  

No one is offended, everyone just laughed, But you must follow this dogs actions!

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