A man became so close to the polar bear, that he is unable to imagine his life without the animal

A well known trainer regularly swimming with his bear

A man named Sam Dumas became popular all around the world because of his first friend. They became close friends with a polar bear 24 years ago and they often swim together in the pool when he visits all of a sudden.

The polar bear was grown up as a pet by Sam, a licensed animal trainer 24 years ago. She adores spending time with her master and considers him as one of her own species.

The bear weighs 351 kilograms and has spent all his life with humans. She was given her first job as a youngster in 1996 and is now a movie and commercial star.

The man linked with his bear so much, that he almost couldn’t imagine his life without her. He also told, that polar bears can live outside of their natural habitat for 36 years.

The big sweetie feels good in these conditions and so does the owner. That’s amazing.

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