Seeing that the dog was making great efforts to look at the outside world, the owner came up with a great idea

Such a great way to see the outside world!

Alex is a loving and caring owner, who provides her pet with everything he needs and does his best to make his life better and happier.

Once she spotted that the dog was trying to stand on his feet to look at passers-by and other dogs over the fence. The poor animal was making great efforts to do it, so the woman decided to make it easier for him to see the outside world.

She asked her father for support. They needed to replace the fence, because it was old enough, and the new one would be more convenient for the curious animal to see around.

They decided to make a hole in the fence, which would be a wonderful window for the dog to sit and look through it.

The result is great. They managed to get what they wanted, and the most important thing is that the doggy is satisfied and grateful.

The cute animal enjoys to sit there and look at the outside world for hours. He never gets bored of it, even when he stays there alone.

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