A sweet kitty made the woman chose her by entering into the box

The kitty, who filled her owner’s life with happiness and joy

The owner of this kitty fell ill and wasn’t able to take care of the sweetie and took her to the shelter. It was very difficult for a kitty, as it became used to the warmth of the house. The shelter staff were afraid, that the sweetie wouldn’t stay there for such a long time. The kitty must be 14 years old, although she had some health problems.

But they could return their kitty even earlier, than they had planned. She wasn’t takes, she just chose an owner for herself.

One day a woman came to the shelter to take a kitty for herself. She left a box outside and went to the shelter to chose one. The kitty was wandering around the shelter.

And when she discovered the box, she entered into it and curled up. The kind woman took the blue-eyes kitty and considered she was the one she’s been searching. And the sweetie brought happiness and joy to her new owner.

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