The cute child sings for her lovely doggy in order to make her sleep  

It is so exciting to see how the girl loves her cute doggy

There is no other wonderful thing that seeing the friendship between kids and animals. Not only it makes the kids become more responsible personalities but also it has a positive effect on animals.

Especially, dogs create loyal friendship with kids and if they get love and devotion from their owners they become calm and happy. So treating animals well shows our humanity and kindness and in response to our behaviour they give us love and faithfulness.

There is a nice story about 4 years old little girl named Marleigh and her cute doggy named Fiona. Their love and friendship are indescribable. They enjoy spending their time together.

They are very connected to each other and can’t live separately. Even the doggy likes to sleep in her arms. Marleigh helps her baby to sleep easily by shaking her or even singing. It is the most comfortable place for the nice Fiona.

In order to show the people how much they love each other the child’s mommy took a nice video, which attracted a lot of people.

In the video the sweet girl is singing for the animal and surprisingly the doggy is listening her patiently. How nice they are!

The most surprising thing is that the little girl knows the right way how to make the doggy sleep calmly.

The cutie always asks her mommy if she is a good sister or not and in response to her question her mommy says that she is the best sister ever.

Mommy is very proud of her daughter because she is very caring and kind towards their pet. The doggy is not only her animal but her love towards the girl is strong.

The girl sneezes and the doggy wakes up but when the cutie sees that she is in her lovely person’s arms feels asleep again.

The video is seen 600.000 times and is shared by many people, who commented it saying that the love and devotion that the girl gives the animal come from her parents. Due to their efforts the girl knows how to behave animals.

One of the viewers wrote that she is little mommy for the cute doggy.

The girl’s mommy thanked to everyone for their good comments and messages about her daughter and the cute pet.

Here is the video of two cuties.

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