«How it was to be Jim Carrey’s wife»: This is how actress Lauren Holly from «Dumb and Dumber», Carrey’s ex-wife has changed

Have you ever seen iconic actor Carrey’s ex-wife, Mary from «Dumb and Dumber»?

You all have probably seen «Dumb and Dumber» and will definitely remember Mary Swanson who was the one always the center of man attention.

It is worth mentioning that the cult role was brilliantly played by actress L. Holly. Despite the fact she was already 30 during the filming, she, anyway, looked amazing delighting all the viewers with her brilliant performance and acting skills.

Though Lauren had already had experience in filming taking part in various movies since back 1970, it was her character Mary that brought her overall recognition and popularity. In fact, this was Holly’s 16th role. Now, believe it or not, she is already 58.

Though Carrey was still married to Danny Quinn, Lauren and him started dating and soon the great actor’s marriage ended in divorce. They started to be in a romantic relationship in 2003 for the other part of «Dumb and Dumber».

Lauren and Jim soon married, whereas their marital life failed to last long. Moreover, the couple didn’t have any common kids.

Have you watched «Dumb and Dumber»? Did you recognize the actress?

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