An unusual cow, who befriended with 12 dogs

The little calf considered herself a dog

The little cow named Moola has lived with a rescue organisation. Moola is a unique cow, as 12 dogs are her best friends. Moola was bought at an animal auction and taken to the farm.

She was smaller than usual calves. Such cows are not usually seen at auctions. The man purchased the cow and took it to the sanctuary.

As Moola is very small and addicted to milk she is kept inside the house. And there she met dogs, who were rescued in different places and taken to the farm.

And the white bull terrier received the most attention from the cow.

She is very friendly with Moola and spends a lot of time with youngsters. Moola considered herself as a puppy after living with them for six weeks.

But recently she was transported to another rescued calf and taken outside on warm days. Walf considers, that Moola will now understand she is a calf.

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