The man noticed a dog and approached him thinking he was lost, but his collar’s medallion showed something else

Adventures are something he enjoys doing!

When Tyler was at a gas station, he spotted a dog walking alone nearby. The man approached him thinking he was lost, but when he read the note on the medallion hanging from his collar, he changed his opinion.

The man took a picture of the dog and after a short time his story went viral and a great number of people were amazed by it.

The writing on his medallion showed that he was not lost, on the contrary, it is his favourite occupation and his owners allow him to do whatever he wants. In order to avoid such misunderstandings, they hung it from his neck.

Even later it turned out that the dog has an account on social media and many people have already known him.

The dog loves having adventures. He adores being outside and having fun with his owners and siblings.

The owners let him go outside whenever he wants and are sure that nothing will happen, because the collar makes people leave him alone and not stop him from doing what he wants.

His collar includes a GPS sensor that tracks his location.

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