A sweet kitty, who has a unique devotion to her plush frogs

An unusual love of a kitty for her plush frogs

Two little kittens named Mocci and her brother Coo were located being leftover in a park. And when they were old enough they were adopted by a couple and from that moment they were satisfied.

After some time one of their family members gave a plastic frog to Coo. Coo doesn’t seem to like the toy, but Mocci immediately demonstrated interest. And after some time Mocci’s bond with her frog became stronger.

Her owners were surprised, when Mocci have the frog to her parents in the middle of the night after sleeping with it. After seeing their cat adored the frog, the couple considered to buy her others and now she has a zoo full of them.

The fact, that her family doesn’t understand her love with her frog toys hasn’t changed over time. Her family respects and promotes her love to raising frogs.


After all she has her own love. The kitty is absolutely devoted to her frogs and will care for them forever.

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